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Oribytes Office Inside View

Company Profile

Oribytes Software and Solutions is one of the leading end-to-end IT solution providers incorporated in the year 2015, Oribytes has evolved from a value added partner for IT Training into trusted Computer Hardware, Networking, Security Control and Software solutions provider with its corporate office at Cuttack, Odisha In our quest to be integrated and customer focused Oribytes has structured itself into groups: –

Technology Solutions Group Specializing In Designing And Implementation Of Various Complex Solutions, Enterprise Networking And Security System.

Technology services group focuses on delivering professional services on managing and optimizing both IT Infrastructures as well as for applications and business productivity.

Software solutions and licensing group helps customers in deciding on the purchases software licensing based on their needs, helps customers in legal compliances for licenses, helps customer by giving the right mix of licenses to chooses from a wide variety of licensing models. Educate customers on different licensing models such as select agreement or enterprise agreement and benefits that the customers get out of it.

Guided by its mission to be “A leading technology driven business solutions provider that meets client’s business objectives”, Oribytes seeks to leverage its technical expertise, commitment and discipline, backed by our principle’s trust and support and existing clientele’s continuous confidence and dependability, to be a preferred IT solutions advisor.